"Our Company pays very close attention to detail, and we make every effort to exceed our clients' needs."

                                                        Angel Flores, President 

Angel Custom Homes, located in Dallas, Texas, is an independent builder of custom homes in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Since its founding 14 years ago, the Company has established a reputation for outstanding design and uncompromising quality. Angel Custom Homes understands that building a custom home is one of the most significant financial decisions you and your family will ever make. We are committed to listening attentively, working hard, and adding true value through our collective expertise and passion. Angel Custom Homes has earned its reputation as the premiere builder of quality custom homes in DFW not only because of its construction expertise, but also because of the high-level of customer satisfaction experienced by its clients. Our team works diligently to meet and exceed your expectations and goals. We are in it for the long haul, and can only be successful if we truly devote ourselves to pleasing our clients. The company’s expertise extends beyond custom homes and includes commercial development and remodeling. 


Learn What Sets Us Apart 


Industry Expertise

Our team has the experience and capabilities to meet any of our clients needs. We have worked with an array of clients over the years continue to build our diverse portfolio. 

From small kitchen rennovations to start-to-finish construction, we can get it done.


Commitment to Clients

At its core, our company is set on doing one thing--giving our clients superior satsifaction.

We focus on paying close attention to our clients wants and desires. We want to stay in the business for years to come, and the only way that is possible is if we continue to exceed customer expectations.


Quality Work

We strive for excellence. And that means that our quality of products and services must be top-tier. 

We had pick our supplier, contractors, and materials. Quality control is very important and we take it very seriously.