Redevelopment in Historic Downtown Waxahachie

Background: Historic Downtown Waxahachie, known as the Gingerbread City, is a charming community with many buildings and homes dating back to the 19th century. The Ellis County Courthouse is one of the most photographed structures in the State of Texas. The downtown area is surrounded by numerous antique and specialty stores and a historic train depot. Five National Registered Districts. 20% of the National Historic Registered Historic Sites in the Texas section are in Waxahachie. 

Our client has purchased this county-owned properties to renovate and fill with new businesses to breathe new life into the downtown area. Formally the Citizens National Bank Building and Ellis County Tax and Engineering offices, the building will now be a restaurant, office spaces and one apartment. Construction started early this year. The most difficult part thus far has been the demoing part — safely removing everything, like the ceilings that have been removed. We are being very careful to remove material, in order that we may perserve parts of the historic building. To add more light into the lobby area of the building, we will remove the paint, which coats the arched windows on the buildings side. These windows will be extended to meet the sidewalk and another entrance will be created. 

The restaurant will be on the first floor with dinning spaces and a bar on the mezzanine level. Offices and apartments will be on the second floor.

Interesting Fact: When removing a safe on the mezzanine level of the building near where the bar will be located, the remains of a chimney were found. The chimney looked to be used to hide some of the interworking of the building.

200 Old Reagor Springs in Waxahachie, Texas

This project was a special project that we began earlier this year. Typically, we either 1) engage in rennovations of existing homes or building or 2) build from the ground-up when it comes to new construction. This project was a blend of the two. 

Unsatisfied with their new home that was being constructed, a client came to us with a half-constructed home. We stepped slightly after the framing process. It was too costly for our clients to take the house down and re-build, so our design team stepped in transform the home. Walls were taken down, spaces expanded, and the house in on its way to becoming finished.

Currently, we are working on the interior of the home: finishing the trim, installing hardwood/tile/countertops, fixtures, etc. We are eager to finish the home and leave our clients satisfied with their new home. Be sure to check back and read all about our journey in creating this beautiful home!