Our Company Provides


New Residential Construction

Angel Custom Homes builds new homes from the ground up. We have the skills and expertise to create an elegant and functional dream home. 


Residential Rennovation

Remodeling a bathroom? Adding a new room? Completely redesigning a home? Our remodel team is here to help you complete your rennovations. 


Master Planning

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

We are here to create a master plan for your project in order for the construction process to be as smooth as possible.


Needs Analysis

Each client is unique. One customer may need a personal gym, another a  residental elevator. We like to walk through a deep analysis of what the client needs before we begin our design process.


Site Analysis & Selection

Selecting the perfect location to construct your new home can be overwhleming. In addition, soils vary in type, composition and strength.


Feasibility Studies

Preliminary studies are often needs before construction in order to establish if the project is viable. Our firm helps clients identify feasible options for our clients.   


Commercial Construction


Designing a business can be overwhelming. Angel Custom Homes is here to help clients design office spaces that are functional and appealing to customers.

New Commercial Development:

Whatever area of commerical business you are in, we can aid in creating the office space that is your business needs.

  • Design & Construction Documents
  • Approvals/Permits
  • Site Preparation 
  • Construction

Commerical Rennovation:

Office spaces can get crowed and outdated. We aid clients in changing their layout of spaces, install heavy machinery, and create safety precautions to enable your business to grow. 


Offered By Angel Custom Homes 

Special Projects

We also undertake special projects. One client had a home that wasn't accessible for their elderly family member. We stepped in and installed ramps and an elevator in their home. We are here to help with your unique project.

Building extension 

Clients have needed to expand their current home/businesses. From city approval to construction, we helped our clients all along the way to accomplish their expansion. 

Distressed Properties

There are a lot of contractors that probably would not even touch this type of construction because you can open Pandora’s box, but firm has the expertise to tackle complex remodel projects.